Privacy Policy

General information on the site, respect for privacy, and copyright law

1. Protection of the right to privacy

The site observes the Belgian law of December 8, 1992 regarding protection of the right to privacy in dealing with personal data as it was amended by the law of October 24, 1995 implementing the European directive of October 24, 1995. This law provides that personal consent must be obtained in advance of the collection of any personal data concerning the individual in question; that the personal data must be relevant, appropriate, and true; and finally that the data must be collected for a specific, clear, and legitimate purpose. The person from whom personal data has been collected must have the right to access and rectify the data that concerns him or her. Finally, the law requires a declaration to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy of the automatic processing of personal data.

1.1. Violation of privacy

If you believe that this site does not respect your privacy, please inform Browning International by email at the following address:

We will do all that we can to identify and rectify the problem.

2. Intellectual property rights

2.1. Content of this site

© Browning International 2003

The text, layouts, illustrations and other elements appearing on this site are the property of the publisher of the site, unless stipulated otherwise. Any copy, adaptation, translation, arrangement, or modification of any and all parts of this site, in any form, and through any means, whether electronic, mechanical, or otherwise, is strictly prohibited without previous authorisation of the holder of the copyright. Any infraction may give rise to civil or criminal proceedings.

2.2. Respect du copyright

Authorisation of use of the text, layouts, illustrations and other elements appearing on this site for which the copyright is held by a third party has been obtained in advance by the webmaster. Nevertheless, if you believe that your copyright or intellectual property rights have not been respected, kindly inform us at

3. Conditions of use of this site

Limited responsibility

We have taken the greatest care in the creation of this website. Nevertheless, Browning International cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information it presents. The user should also be aware that information presented is subject to modification without prior notice. As a result, Browning International cannot be held responsible for the content of this site or for any uses to which it may be put.

Browning reserves the right to change at any time, without prior notice, the content of the site as well as the conditions of access and the conditions of use of the site.

This website may contain links to sites managed by third parties. These links are only made available for your convenience. Browning International does not exercise any control over the sites in question, nor does it assume any responsibility for their content. The insertion of links to these websites does not signify that Browning International approves of the content of these websites, and no association should be inferred between Browning International and the site managers or operators.

Whoever uses these links is fully aware that the Internet contains documents of which the content could be viewed as contrary to moral standards or harmful, and recognises that Browning International has no means by which to control these illicit or harmful documents. Browning International cannot be held responsible for errors in the website addresses or domain names which appear on the Browning International site.

“Linking”, “Framing”, “In-lining”

Browning International authorises without advance notice the insertion of surface links that connect to the home page of Browning International or to any other page in its entirety. Nevertheless, for any type of framing or in-lining, or for any other use of the content or layout of this site, advance written authorisation of Browning International is required.

Illicit or prohibited use

You may use this site only under the condition that you guarantee Browning International that it will not be used for purposes that are illicit or prohibited by law or by the conditions of use.

4. Contact

For any question or problem concerning this website, please contact:

5. Prices

The prices shown in the catalogue are inclusive of VAT. They are provided for reference only at the time of publication and, except in the event of a misprint, represent the recommended retail prices.