This semi-automatic rifle is a reference point for reliability in the hunting world.


Hunting is about trust: trust in yourself and your equipment. This is why the WINCHESTER® ®semi-automatic rifle has become the benchmark for driven-hunt enthusiasts. With the new SXR², WINCHESTER brings you a rifle that is faster, more reliable and more effective.

The comfort and ergonomics have been further refined. The multiple customisation options and new WINCHESTER® accessories maintain peak shooting comfort.



  • PISTOL GRIP: redesigned to give you the perfect grip, including with heavy recoil calibres.
  • CHECKERING: fresh and dynamic new style checkering for a firmer hold.
  • INFLEX II RECOIL PAD: the SXR2 comes with the Inflex II recoil pad, which is outstandingly flexible and absorbs recoil like no other. A 7 mm insert and 25 mm and 30 mm Inflex II recoil pads are available as accessories.
  • STOCK INSERTS: for vertical and lateral stock adjustment.
  • ADJUSTABLE CHEEK PIECE: an adjustable cheek piece from Kalix is available to buy and fit to the composite stocks.
  • COMPOSITE STOCK: in a change from the SXR, the SXR² is available in a composite version.


  • FORE-END: 10% more tapering to ensure total control of the gun.
  • CHECKERING: fresh and dynamic new style checkering for a tighter hold.


  • SLIDE CATCH: with the new slide catch, you can keep the breech open so that you and your fellow hunters around you can see that your gun is not loaded. This new feature also makes loading and unloading more comfortable.
  • OVERSIZED BOLT HANDLE: easy to handle, even with gloves on.


  • OPEN SIGHTS: new front and rear sights for instant target acquisition.
  • RAILS, SCOPE RINGS: compatible with fixed rings or the Browning NOMAD system.
  • KITE OPTICS K1 REFLEX: compatible with the Kite Optics K1 Reflex allowing ultra-low mounting of your K1 red dot sight to aid instinctive aiming.