Enjoyable, effective and accurate. 


The seductive style and technical sophistication of the new Wildcat™ herald a new era. The Wildcat™ semi-automatic rifle is the perfect embodiment of the WINCHESTER® spirit: effective and reliable, yet extremely simple to use and maintain.

The entire action, for example, can be removed with the bolt and trigger group by pressing the button at the rear of the receiver. Now, cleaning is a breeze - simply insert the brush at the breech end of the 16 or 18-inch* threaded barrel.

The 10-round rotary magazine is easy to release for both right-handers and left-handers. The stock is skeletonised to reduce weight, and ambidextrous for easy and perfect shouldering every time.

Wildcat™, fun to shoot !

Wildcat Field Threaded

This .22 semi-automatic rifl e is a shot of pleasure! Don’t be fooled by the traditional look of the wooden stock - this gun epitomises the modern rifle. The stock length can be adjusted using different spacers or recoil pads. 

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