The SXR² Pump is certainly the fastest and most intuitive hand-reloading driven-hunt rifle on the market. 

SXR² Pump

Accuracy, reliability and safety give the SXR² Pump rifle the winning edge and make it a reference for tracking and driven hunts.

WINCHESTER® has now packaged all of this technological splendour into a hand-reloading «pump» version.  


As its name suggests, this is a pump-action rifle. This gun is ideal for anyone who hunts in difficult conditions and needs even greater safety without sacrificing firepower.

The SXR² Pump is also remarkable for its speed. A cleverly positioned spring in the re-cocking system assists your movement as you pump. What’s more, unlike a bolt-action rifle, your hand doesn’t leave the handguard when you re-cock. This allows you to keep your eye fixed on the target.

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Safety and speed are not the only arguments in favour of the SXR² Pump. Because of the way it works, detachable box magazines can be used. In fact, high-capacity magazines are available in 308Win and 30-06Spr. So you can deal with any situation without worrying.

Three versions are available to meet your needs. Those who prefer wood will like the Field version, while trackers will appreciate the Tracker version’s short barrel and orange camo. The Compo version is as sober as it is effective. Three calibres are currently available: the 308Win, the 30-06Spr and the 300WM.